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Variant: nsv514351

Internal ID15466039
Location Information
TypeCoordinatesAssemblyOther Links
Innerchr6:32640499..32646177hg38UCSC Ensembl
Innerchr6:32608276..32613954hg19UCSC Ensembl
Innerchr6:32716254..32721932hg18UCSC Ensembl
Allele length
AssemblyAllele length
Variant TypeCNV loss
Copy Number
Allele State
Allele Origin
Probe Count
Validation Flag
Merged StatusM
Merged Variants
Supporting Variantsnssv2933143, nssv2933123, nssv2933247, nssv2932982, nssv2932985, nssv2933060, nssv2933273, nssv2934421, nssv2933009, nssv2933231, nssv2933109, nssv2933243, nssv2934417, nssv2933226, nssv2933202, nssv2933207, nssv2932965, nssv2934432, nssv2932977, nssv2934437, nssv2933229, nssv2933248, nssv2933046, nssv2933255, nssv2933118, nssv2933023, nssv2933195, nssv2933175, nssv2933235, nssv2933250, nssv2934407, nssv2933174, nssv2933183, nssv2933257, nssv2933136, nssv2933004, nssv2933282, nssv2933128, nssv2933039, nssv2933148, nssv2932959, nssv2933019, nssv2932970, nssv2934414, nssv2933062, nssv2933090, nssv2933028, nssv2934408, nssv2933251, nssv2933001, nssv2932988, nssv2934444, nssv2933065, nssv2933010, nssv2934439, nssv2933160, nssv2934413, nssv2933260, nssv2933071, nssv2932957, nssv2932992, nssv2933199, nssv2933239, nssv2933084, nssv2933144, nssv2933158, nssv2934443, nssv2933206, nssv2933221, nssv2933094, nssv2933018, nssv2933056, nssv2933188, nssv2933117, nssv2932987, nssv2933204, nssv2933246, nssv2933166, nssv2933155, nssv2933093, nssv2933089, nssv2933021, nssv2933016, nssv2933278, nssv2933036, nssv2932995, nssv2933072, nssv2933073, nssv2933066, nssv2933020, nssv2932967, nssv2933241, nssv2934420, nssv2934416, nssv2933146, nssv2932983, nssv2934433, nssv2933076, nssv2933211, nssv2933178, nssv2933068, nssv2933137, nssv2933264, nssv2933267, nssv2934400, nssv2933112, nssv2933186, nssv2933114, nssv2933013, nssv2933217, nssv2933281, nssv2933197, nssv2933223, nssv2933007, nssv2933173, nssv2933111, nssv2933063, nssv2933230, nssv2933142, nssv2933051, nssv2933268, nssv2933161, nssv2933029, nssv2933113, nssv2933098, nssv2933012, nssv2933258, nssv2933110, nssv2933000, nssv2933025, nssv2932968, nssv2933289, nssv2933259, nssv2933167, nssv2933198, nssv2933162, nssv2933141, nssv2933185, nssv2933252, nssv2934428, nssv2933031, nssv2934419, nssv2933116, nssv2933035, nssv2934425, nssv2933054, nssv2932989, nssv2932962, nssv2934409, nssv2933193, nssv2932993, nssv2932979, nssv2933181, nssv2933059, nssv2933057, nssv2933086, nssv2933209, nssv2933191, nssv2933074, nssv2933279, nssv2933218, nssv2932964, nssv2933088, nssv2932960, nssv2933034, nssv2933033, nssv2932971, nssv2933205, nssv2933190, nssv2933236, nssv2933049, nssv2934412, nssv2933179, nssv2933134, nssv2933008, nssv2933262, nssv2933213, nssv2933220, nssv2933219, nssv2933135, nssv2933150, nssv2934402, nssv2932998, nssv2933233, nssv2933170, nssv2933156, nssv2933152, nssv2933157, nssv2933075, nssv2933203, nssv2933165, nssv2932999, nssv2933053, nssv2933212, nssv2933288, nssv2934430, nssv2934435, nssv2933163, nssv2933082, nssv2933103, nssv2934404, nssv2932963, nssv2933283, nssv2933133, nssv2933058, nssv2933131, nssv2933121, nssv2933079, nssv2933067, nssv2933119, nssv2933052, nssv2932966, nssv2933126, nssv2933122, nssv2933087, nssv2933061, nssv2933154, nssv2932978, nssv2933280, nssv2933139, nssv2932986, nssv2934399, nssv2933200, nssv2933177, nssv2932981, nssv2934423, nssv2934411, nssv2933272, nssv2934422, nssv2932976, nssv2934431, nssv2933189, nssv2933228, nssv2933108, nssv2933043, nssv2934405, nssv2933276, nssv2933151, nssv2934434, nssv2933244, nssv2933130, nssv2933124, nssv2933011, nssv2933164, nssv2933041, nssv2933024, nssv2933042, nssv2933216, nssv2933002, nssv2932990, nssv2932974, nssv2933274, nssv2934406, nssv2933263, nssv2933017, nssv2933005, nssv2933125, nssv2933285, nssv2933210, nssv2933099, nssv2933047, nssv2933269, nssv2933245, nssv2933077, nssv2933132, nssv2933238, nssv2933096, nssv2933192, nssv2933180, nssv2932994, nssv2933194, nssv2934429, nssv2933256, nssv2933242, nssv2934415, nssv2933232, nssv2933070, nssv2933045, nssv2933171, nssv2933234, nssv2932972, nssv2933102, nssv2934436, nssv2932996, nssv2932975, nssv2933085, nssv2933015, nssv2933270, nssv2932958, nssv2933092, nssv2933224, nssv2933182, nssv2933038, nssv2932961, nssv2933286, nssv2933095, nssv2932991, nssv2932984, nssv2933196, nssv2933091, nssv2933105, nssv2933080, nssv2932980, nssv2933208, nssv2934438, nssv2933290, nssv2933261, nssv2933184, nssv2933284, nssv2934441, nssv2933237, nssv2933225, nssv2933222, nssv2934426, nssv2933003, nssv2934442, nssv2933277, nssv2933201, nssv2933172, nssv2933026, nssv2933022, nssv2933129, nssv2934445, nssv2933275, nssv2933265, nssv2933287, nssv2933127, nssv2933030, nssv2933240, nssv2932997, nssv2934427, nssv2934424, nssv2933147, nssv2933215, nssv2934403, nssv2933032, nssv2933227, nssv2933048, nssv2933159, nssv2933115, nssv2933120, nssv2933078, nssv2933050, nssv2933100, nssv2933044, nssv2933291, nssv2933097, nssv2933145, nssv2933169, nssv2933153, nssv2933069, nssv2933187, nssv2933138, nssv2933055, nssv2933006, nssv2934440, nssv2933168, nssv2933266, nssv2933101, nssv2933083, nssv2933064, nssv2933253, nssv2933081, nssv2933037, nssv2933249, nssv2933176, nssv2933040, nssv2933107, nssv2934401, nssv2933106, nssv2933214, nssv2933149, nssv2933027, nssv2933271, nssv2933254, nssv2933140, nssv2932973, nssv2932969, nssv2934418, nssv2933104, nssv2934410, nssv2933014
SamplesNA10859, NA18503, NA12767, NA19012, NA19146, NA21634, NA18621, NA19207, NA18870, NA19248, NA12154, NA12489, NA19194, NA21438, NA07347, NA21512, NA19214, NA21441, NA18509, NA21390, NA18594, NA19192, NA18871, NA12286, NA07349, NA12801, NA18523, NA19114, NA11920, NA21447, NA12347, NA19120, NA11918, NA19191, NA12264, NA18859, NA19223, NA12815, NA18545, NA18603, NA18516, NA19186, NA06993, NA21423, NA18953, NA12828, NA18517, NA19109, NA07019, NA18489, NA19144, NA07348, NA12058, NA18507, NA10855, NA18860, NA21425, NA18994, NA07051, NA21454, NA10837, NA19257, NA21312, NA21310, NA19180, NA12766, NA12287, NA19151, NA19208, NA18862, NA21384, NA18949, NA19143, NA12414, NA11919, NA12763, NA18967, NA19148, NA19239, NA11839, NA11840, NA12753, NA07034, NA21493, NA18854, NA19199, NA18635, NA21488, NA18622, NA10846, NA19197, NA19107, NA18990, NA18636, NA19096, NA21363, NA12273, NA12761, NA18956, NA21513, NA10852, NA18497, NA18547, NA11843, NA12329, NA19182, NA21523, NA11831, NA18485, NA19256, NA11894, NA12400, NA18637, NA18973, NA18916, NA18593, NA19181, NA21608, NA12777, NA12234, NA21399, NA12144, NA18970, NA12751, NA19190, NA19000, NA21442, NA19247, NA12239, NA12708, NA12145, NA19153, NA07346, NA12716, NA18518, NA18537, NA18620, NA19129, NA19172, NA19189, NA21525, NA18633, NA19103, NA21316, NA12778, NA19206, NA21717, NA12348, NA12877, NA21388, NA18923, NA18486, NA18968, NA06986, NA18522, NA21514, NA12275, NA18875, NA19119, NA21455, NA18558, NA19098, NA10850, NA21648, NA10856, NA12872, NA18504, NA19175, NA21485, NA18978, NA11892, NA18564, NA18942, NA18961, NA18925, NA18997, NA19221, NA10836, NA21475, NA21581, NA12283, NA18562, NA19131, NA19159, NA18910, NA18579, NA18974, NA21440, NA18945, NA21313, NA18940, NA21401, NA21486, NA12891, NA18987, NA10851, NA12890, NA18582, NA18999, NA18552, NA19138, NA21635, NA18909, NA18911, NA19101, NA19201, NA21439, NA12749, NA18995, NA21344, NA06991, NA06984, NA19193, NA18872, NA19128, NA12812, NA18857, NA19115, NA12156, NA12386, NA06995, NA12889, NA19116, NA21389, NA10835, NA18971, NA19097, NA19132, NA10830, NA21480, NA10845, NA19099, NA07022, NA12878, NA21362, NA11830, NA11992, NA21366, NA19205, NA19225, NA18852, NA18917, NA12399, NA12546, NA12842, NA19160, NA21583, NA12248, NA18499, NA18571, NA18924, NA19179, NA19198, NA19118, NA18611, NA10840, NA11829, NA12236, NA19130, NA19171, NA19240, NA12874, NA18532, NA18853, NA19204, NA19113, NA18935, NA18981, NA21614, NA18908, NA19249, NA06994, NA21387, NA12274, NA12832, NA19185, NA12760, NA19092, NA12335, NA18555, NA19007, NA21365, NA18519, NA19202, NA07000, NA12775, NA19121, NA10864, NA18980, NA21636, NA21494, NA07031, NA07435, NA19137, NA19183, NA10831, NA18964, NA12718, NA18863, NA12043, NA12249, NA18861, NA12750, NA10843, NA12748, NA21490, NA11930, NA12344, NA07037, NA21524, NA12802, NA19222, NA21317, NA21580, NA18952, NA18975, NA07056, NA18874, NA19173, NA19252, NA12752, NA12875, NA18500, NA21307, NA19149, NA18550, NA18570, NA18511, NA06989, NA21487, NA18948, NA12813, NA18972, NA18573, NA21403, NA21479, NA18542, NA21386, NA18855, NA18484, NA19210, NA12776, NA11893, NA18524, NA19108, NA18965, NA21489, NA18488, NA12341, NA12376, NA18506, NA19147, NA21400, NA10863, NA18632, NA11882, NA19161, NA12843, NA18624, NA18934, NA18508, NA12056, NA21686, NA12282, NA12336, NA18566, NA11994, NA21615, NA12155, NA18576, NA18960, NA12864, NA18563, NA07357, NA21301, NA12343, NA18991, NA12740, NA21359, NA07048, NA21453, NA21477
Known GenesHLA-DQA1
MethodOligo aCGH
AnalysisADM2 threshold = 5
PlatformAgilent Eichler Human CNP 180K v3.0
Pubmed ID21397061
Accession Number(s)nsv514351
Sample Size2366
Observed Gain0
Observed Loss382
Observed Complex0

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