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Variant: nsv514341

Internal ID15466029
Location Information
TypeCoordinatesAssemblyOther Links
Innerchr6:666357..666481hg38UCSC Ensembl
Innerchr6:666357..666481hg19UCSC Ensembl
Innerchr6:611357..611481hg18UCSC Ensembl
Allele length
AssemblyAllele length
Variant TypeCNV loss
Copy Number
Allele State
Allele Origin
Probe Count
Validation Flag
Merged StatusM
Merged Variants
Supporting Variantsnssv2935477, nssv2935662, nssv2935732, nssv2935719, nssv2935534, nssv2935689, nssv2935605, nssv2935628, nssv2935467, nssv2935782, nssv2935774, nssv2935522, nssv2935495, nssv2935729, nssv2935550, nssv2935457, nssv2935619, nssv2935700, nssv2935466, nssv2935667, nssv2935548, nssv2935558, nssv2935599, nssv2935678, nssv2935735, nssv2935654, nssv2935496, nssv2935576, nssv2935449, nssv2935641, nssv2935753, nssv2935594, nssv2935463, nssv2935706, nssv2935453, nssv2935626, nssv2935769, nssv2935778, nssv2935785, nssv2935564, nssv2935675, nssv2935479, nssv2935492, nssv2935762, nssv2935462, nssv2935585, nssv2935516, nssv2935578, nssv2935684, nssv2935655, nssv2935546, nssv2935448, nssv2935776, nssv2935728, nssv2935664, nssv2935679, nssv2935483, nssv2935699, nssv2935777, nssv2935464, nssv2935721, nssv2935485, nssv2935536, nssv2935676, nssv2935506, nssv2935484, nssv2935529, nssv2935606, nssv2935779, nssv2935556, nssv2935680, nssv2935711, nssv2935759, nssv2935624, nssv2935557, nssv2935610, nssv2935637, nssv2935683, nssv2935704, nssv2935542, nssv2935635, nssv2935665, nssv2935760, nssv2935658, nssv2935681, nssv2935698, nssv2935740, nssv2935518, nssv2935577, nssv2935458, nssv2935489, nssv2935547, nssv2935633, nssv2935696, nssv2935528, nssv2935646, nssv2935755, nssv2935565, nssv2935674, nssv2935786, nssv2935471, nssv2935639, nssv2935734, nssv2935583, nssv2935465, nssv2935497, nssv2935741, nssv2935613, nssv2935705, nssv2935716, nssv2935723, nssv2935710, nssv2935554, nssv2935720, nssv2935454, nssv2935552, nssv2935595, nssv2935677, nssv2935502, nssv2935609, nssv2935688, nssv2935472, nssv2935591, nssv2935651, nssv2935451, nssv2935666, nssv2935788, nssv2935473, nssv2935615, nssv2935736, nssv2935775, nssv2935693, nssv2935737, nssv2935455, nssv2935686, nssv2935480, nssv2935575, nssv2935541, nssv2935707, nssv2935573, nssv2935618, nssv2935616, nssv2935687, nssv2935551, nssv2935456, nssv2935702, nssv2935491, nssv2935450, nssv2935563, nssv2935512, nssv2935535, nssv2935584, nssv2935486, nssv2935604, nssv2935475, nssv2935527, nssv2935566, nssv2935771, nssv2935638, nssv2935756, nssv2935559, nssv2935524, nssv2935574, nssv2935789, nssv2935470, nssv2935490, nssv2935625, nssv2935768, nssv2935668, nssv2935468, nssv2935452, nssv2935695, nssv2935709, nssv2935726, nssv2935507, nssv2935459, nssv2935488, nssv2935650, nssv2935648, nssv2935738, nssv2935763, nssv2935517, nssv2935714, nssv2935478, nssv2935545, nssv2935634, nssv2935474, nssv2935538, nssv2935630, nssv2935661, nssv2935592, nssv2935653, nssv2935469, nssv2935560, nssv2935752, nssv2935608, nssv2935694, nssv2935642, nssv2935622, nssv2935739, nssv2935627, nssv2935765, nssv2935623, nssv2935715, nssv2935757, nssv2935543, nssv2935717, nssv2935509, nssv2935640, nssv2935742, nssv2935612, nssv2935636, nssv2935493, nssv2935579, nssv2935499, nssv2935632, nssv2935781, nssv2935503, nssv2935553, nssv2935748, nssv2935494, nssv2935712, nssv2935773, nssv2935588, nssv2935620, nssv2935746, nssv2935555, nssv2935580, nssv2935659, nssv2935784, nssv2935660, nssv2935724, nssv2935751, nssv2935621, nssv2935764, nssv2935601, nssv2935690, nssv2935607, nssv2935670, nssv2935498, nssv2935476, nssv2935692, nssv2935703, nssv2935569, nssv2935783, nssv2935539, nssv2935510, nssv2935562, nssv2935682, nssv2935514, nssv2935511, nssv2935513, nssv2935673, nssv2935780, nssv2935537, nssv2935549, nssv2935570, nssv2935671, nssv2935515, nssv2935572, nssv2935589, nssv2935644, nssv2935520, nssv2935530, nssv2935531, nssv2935600, nssv2935597, nssv2935691, nssv2935761, nssv2935487, nssv2935602, nssv2935770, nssv2935561, nssv2935587, nssv2935603, nssv2935701, nssv2935758, nssv2935500, nssv2935598, nssv2935713, nssv2935526, nssv2935750, nssv2935481, nssv2935731, nssv2935521, nssv2935647, nssv2935697, nssv2935505, nssv2935519, nssv2935532, nssv2935643, nssv2935747, nssv2935669, nssv2935708, nssv2935718, nssv2935571, nssv2935523, nssv2935504, nssv2935652, nssv2935586, nssv2935540, nssv2935733, nssv2935508, nssv2935617, nssv2935672, nssv2935501, nssv2935568, nssv2935745, nssv2935544, nssv2935656, nssv2935533, nssv2935596, nssv2935611, nssv2935744, nssv2935593, nssv2935657, nssv2935766, nssv2935730, nssv2935590, nssv2935461, nssv2935614, nssv2935460, nssv2935787, nssv2935631, nssv2935581, nssv2935725, nssv2935649, nssv2935582, nssv2935645, nssv2935525, nssv2935749, nssv2935767, nssv2935482, nssv2935663, nssv2935722, nssv2935629, nssv2935727, nssv2935743, nssv2935567, nssv2935754, nssv2935685, nssv2935772
SamplesNA10859, NA18503, NA12767, NA19012, NA21634, NA11881, NA18621, NA18870, NA12154, NA18605, NA07347, NA21512, NA21441, NA18509, NA18594, NA18871, NA07349, NA12801, NA18523, NA18966, NA11920, NA21447, NA18501, NA19120, NA19178, NA10839, NA11918, NA18859, NA12815, NA10847, NA18545, NA18603, NA21718, NA19186, NA06993, NA21423, NA18953, NA19109, NA19144, NA12058, NA18507, NA10855, NA21425, NA18994, NA21454, NA10837, NA19257, NA21312, NA21361, NA21310, NA19180, NA12766, NA12287, NA19151, NA18949, NA21400, NA18632, NA12414, NA11882, NA11919, NA12763, NA21309, NA18998, NA18624, NA18934, NA18967, NA12056, NA18992, NA11839, NA11840, NA12282, NA12753, NA07034, NA21493, NA12004, NA12336, NA12383, NA18566, NA18635, NA21488, NA21615, NA21716, NA12155, NA18576, NA18960, NA10846, NA12864, NA18563, NA07357, NA19107, NA12873, NA18990, NA21301, NA12343, NA18991, NA18930, NA12814, NA18636, NA12740, NA18592, NA21363, NA12273, NA21359, NA07048, NA12761, NA18956, NA21513, NA10852, NA21453, NA18959, NA18609, NA18547, NA19182, NA21523, NA11831, NA12829, NA21522, NA12400, NA18637, NA18973, NA11995, NA18916, NA18593, NA12830, NA12777, NA19100, NA12234, NA21399, NA12144, NA18970, NA12751, NA19000, NA21442, NA12708, NA12145, NA07346, NA18518, NA18537, NA18620, NA19129, NA19172, NA19189, NA21525, NA07014, NA18633, NA18572, NA19094, NA19103, NA21316, NA06985, NA12778, NA12348, NA12877, NA18498, NA21388, NA18923, NA18968, NA19102, NA06986, NA12275, NA18875, NA19005, NA18510, NA19119, NA21455, NA12485, NA18558, NA21382, NA10850, NA10856, NA12872, NA19175, NA18978, NA21381, NA18564, NA18942, NA18961, NA18925, NA18997, NA10836, NA12283, NA18562, NA19131, NA19159, NA18910, NA18579, NA18974, NA21440, NA18945, NA18940, NA19145, NA21401, NA11832, NA19258, NA12891, NA18987, NA12890, NA18582, NA18999, NA10857, NA12146, NA07055, NA18552, NA19138, NA12272, NA18907, NA18909, NA18911, NA12749, NA18995, NA21344, NA06991, NA06984, NA18867, NA21601, NA19128, NA12812, NA18857, NA12156, NA12386, NA06995, NA12889, NA19116, NA10835, NA21360, NA19123, NA18971, NA19132, NA21383, NA10830, NA10845, NA18577, NA19099, NA12878, NA11830, NA11992, NA18917, NA19224, NA11993, NA12399, NA12546, NA12842, NA19160, NA21583, NA18571, NA18924, NA19179, NA19198, NA12817, NA19118, NA12045, NA18611, NA11829, NA12236, NA19130, NA19240, NA12717, NA12874, NA18532, NA19204, NA18981, NA21614, NA19177, NA06994, NA21387, NA21391, NA12274, NA12832, NA19092, NA21302, NA18555, NA19200, NA19007, NA11917, NA18519, NA19202, NA07000, NA12775, NA19121, NA18980, NA21494, NA07031, NA21526, NA07435, NA19137, NA19183, NA10831, NA12827, NA18964, NA12718, NA12043, NA19152, NA12249, NA18861, NA12750, NA10843, NA11930, NA07037, NA21524, NA12802, NA21317, NA18933, NA18952, NA18975, NA18874, NA19252, NA12752, NA12875, NA21478, NA18612, NA18500, NA21307, NA21404, NA18550, NA18570, NA19003, NA21600, NA06989, NA12340, NA18948, NA12813, NA18969, NA18972, NA19150, NA18573, NA18608, NA21403, NA21479, NA18542, NA19184, NA18855, NA19210, NA12776, NA11893, NA18524, NA19108, NA18965, NA18488, NA12341, NA12376, NA18506, NA18873
Known GenesEXOC2
MethodOligo aCGH
AnalysisADM2 threshold = 5
PlatformAgilent Eichler Human CNP 180K v3.0
Pubmed ID21397061
Accession Number(s)nsv514341
Sample Size2366
Observed Gain0
Observed Loss342
Observed Complex0

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